Slipped, Fell and Smacked my Face off the Dance Floor

Artist Publication, 2022  



This new artist publication by Lisa Freeman and designed by the award-winning Or Studio documents the live performance Slipped, Fell and Smacked my Face off the Dance Floor (2022). It includes digital and medium format photography, script excerpts, archival imagery and drawings, alongside commissioned texts by Rachel Donnelly, Dennis McNulty and Astrid Newman.

Excerpt from ‘Time Slips and Falls’ writer Rachel Donnelly’s text:

Are they trying to excavate the ruins of the baths? To reach pre-internet time, when our primary civic spaces were physical (whether flesh, paper or radio-wave based) and democratic, rather than digital and commodified by Meta and Twitter? The concrete fragments sit heavy on the beach, guarding their past. The waves break continuously. Two of the performers are sitting back to back on the wall again, heads resting on each other’s shoulders. We’re on a loop, we’re on a loop. It’s exactly two metres by two metres and we lie on it sometimes to feel…

Information on the live performance is available on the Mermaid Arts Centres website here.


Currently stocked at The Library Project, Dublin

Included in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios Book Fair, 2022

Launched at Mermaid Arts Centre, November 2022

Size: 297 x 148 mm
Softcover, fold out pages, map insert
Edition of 100

Publication Designed and Risograph
printed by Or Studio

Digitally Printed by Dublin Print Company
Digital photography by Louis Haugh
Medium format photography by Vera Ryklova
Archival imagery courtesy of Wicklow Library Local Studies Department

With thanks to; Biaina Ryan, Niamh McPhillips,Tadhg O’Rourke (Actors) Andrea Jones (Saxophone), Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Padraig Cunningham, Emma Conway, Rachel Donnelly, Louis Haugh, Jenny Sherwin, Julie Kelleher, Gerlanda Maniglia, Dennis McNulty, Astrid Newman, Claire Walsh, Dan Reidy, Lana May Fleming, Anne Mullee, Lauren Conway, Vera Ryklova.

Kindly supported by Mermaid Arts Centre